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Thank you for giving RAM Lining Systems Inc., this opportunity to display our company profile and our intentions for your consideration.

RAM Lining Systems Inc., previously known as RAM Lining, division of RAM Restoration Inc., was founded in 1990 by Ray Coletta, Gerald DeBoer, Yvon St. Onge and the recently retired Frank Kunc. (In 1993 we incorporated to more effectively accommodate the expanding Geosynthetic market.)

Since its conception, RAM Lining Systems Inc has established itself as a reliable supplier and installer within the liner industry. We are owned and operated by a group of seasoned associates, with over sixty years of combined experience in the Geosynthetic industry, as well as extensive expertise with the installation of Geomembrane products in Ontario and throughout Canada.

Over the last twenty years, we have acquired a widespread knowledge of the various products available in the marketplace and have developed many contacts within this industry.

Our rapid growth, success and acceptance within the Geosynthetic industry are largely attributed to our uniquely skilled team. Ray Coletta, Gerald De Boer and Yvon St. Onge are highly dedicated project managers and master seamers who oversee the lining projects in the field. The sales and marketing duties of retired partner, Frank Kunc are now being handled by Ford Wood, and the day-to-day administrative and accounting functions of our company are the responsibility of office manager, Debbie Bell.

Combining the experience and knowledge of our associates, RAM Lining Systems Inc., has become a unique and dynamic force in the Geosynthetic installation and supply industry. We, as a team, are dedicated to providing quality service and expert workmanship. We have the human resources, the financial capacity, and a competent administration to suit your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience.

Sales: Ford Wood
Ph: 905-690-8564
Email: info@ramlining.com

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