About Us:

We curate these products ourselves; if we won’t smoke it, we won’t deliver it. Our hours of operation are from 11am to 11pm.

Delivery: free in Kincardine, a $5 fuel surcharge for Tiverton, $10 regionally. Our couriers are discreet and professional. Please contact us with delivery questions.

Payment Options: Cash On Delivery or EFT. We try to keep quantities up to date so if it is listed it should be available.

Packaging: We’re old school. We like standard zip bags so we can pass the savings on to you. (They allow our customers a quick inspection and the clear plastic permits natural UV, which helps keep your product healthy.)

Selection: Our providers make stock available to us on a consistent basis but the selections do change and that is out of our control. If a product is popular we make sure to give feedback though to encourage keeping it available.

Quality herb is typically graded aesthetically on four main traits, typically, bag appeal, aroma, burn and effect. Honestly these ratings are arbitrary, subjective and tend to vary based on the source of review. To keep it simple we’ll use the former method.

Bag Appeal covers things like initial appeal, colour, hairiness and aroma on opening. Firmness or density of buds, sometimes size although that is often a function of genetics. Trim and processing should look neat with visible, resinous trichomes. Some mechanical trimmers are rough on buds.

A good Aroma will indicate the presence of terpenes which profoundly affects both the taste and potency. It is worth noting that turpenes can more than make up for delta-9 percentages that are several points lower.

Burn is somewhat more objective as it can be an indicator of poor growing practices or processing. It is desirable for the ash to come off a hand roll having a medium gray tone with dark cracks. The presence of dark ash, a poor burn or acrid smell are associated with the presence of fertilizer residue, heavy metals or pesticide.

Effect again can vary subjectively but most enthusiasts have a reasonable expectation of what a familiar medicine will do. The presence and ratio of terpenes, an individuals metabolism and even if you have eaten can dramatically alter the perceived effect. In our collective experience a certain level of tolerance does occur so we recommend that you find a few strains that you like and rotate your usage of them every few months or less.

The four categories above are are usually rated as an “A” or a blank. Hence, a perfect score is four “A’s” often called a “Quad”. This is premium herb and still fetches a champagne price. For wine and beer level enthusiasts three “A’s” or “Trips” are the standard. Both of these levels are produced indoors. Good hot house herb and outdoor grown can achieve “trip” level but are generally lacking the aesthetics required. That said, selected harvests can have great potency. Generally we recommend you rely on your own experience.

Gummies and similar consumables are definitely to be treated with respect. Make sure you are with a trusted friend and you don’t need to drive or have any critical work to do. Less is more so start with a small bite, wait an hour and see how it goes. Generally avoid consumption past 9pm. This will avoid the sluggishness that is sometimes called a green “hangover” though it is nowhere near as bad as a booze hangover.

We will try to answer questions when time allows.

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