Artisanal “gummies” that are a decadent dessert on their own. Using a base of strong Northern Lights for extraction, the edibles we choose are lovingly crafted using high quality ingredients. We consume these “gummies” ourselves to aid with sleep disorders and to augment the medicinal effect of inhaled cannabis.

$50 “Party Pack” w/ 12 sealed serving cups incl. p/u and delivey.

$25 “Half Party Pack” w/ 6 sealed serving cups incl. p/u and delivey.

Each serving cup holds approximately 100mg of effective ingredients. They do contain gelatin and may contain milk products but are gluten free.

Flavours we can deliver: Lemon Meringue, Lemon Raspberry, Orange Creamsicle (to die for), Pina Colada and Anti-Oxidant Blackcurrant.

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